Aa, mechanical technology
Texas Southern University
Early in my career this degree allowed me the opportunity to work for several large corporations which open my eyes to the complexity of the workplace.
university of Phoenix
This degree came later in life, but allowed me to use my training and expertise in a way that fits my character.

Conflict Coaching

Professional Skills

About Me

title: certified anger management trainer
DEGREE: BA, Business/ psychology

Years of experience: 8

Quick Facts

I believe in transformation. Although  as individuals, we have no control of who our parents are, where we were born, or what our DNA may indicate, but we can change our behavior  and in that process change our destiny. I have witnessed this change within my family. 
​My primary goal for providing this training is to help people better manage anxiety, anger, depression and other unpleasant feelings. Learning to cope with the issues of life without allowing anger to control your action is a long and challenging process. The task is not easy but its imperative that you do so.

If your anger has caused you financial and emotional harm, please contact me immediately. My method is proven, and the price is affordable.

 (916) 878-6511             email at:   angermedium@gmail.com

South Sacramento, CA 7000 Franklin Blvd, Suite #820
Group Sessions
  Our group meet each Wednesday at 6:00 pm. Each class is an hour fifteen minutes long, all clients are required to have their study guide at each meeting. Clients are ask to be on time for the session, and must remain through its entirety. No Medicare or insurance is accepted.


Group facilitation

Learn to control your anger before it controls you!

Group Training & Locations

in order to help a client through their issue, one-on-one private sessions are best for  complete confidentiality

North Sacramento, CA                                                6015  Watt  Ave    

Weekly Group Sessions

​4-session Seminar                                                        Downtown Sacramento

​This sessions convenes once a month for 4 hours. The session offers a fast-track  to anger management, but includes several major points to help control anger. Call for time, address and fee.  


my approach to reducing stress and improving  communication skills have allowed me to work with people from a various backgrounds.

Hello, and welcome to my site. My name is Otis Bailey,

 I offer court approved anger management training in Sacramento,CA

Working with small groups on the topic of anger management is where my talents come alive and results happen.

Anderson & Anderson School of Psychology

This training open the door to my career in  anger management and conflict resolution.

You may call or text me at: